Welcome to the official website of glassartist Branka Lugonja.

This website serves as a showroom for Branka Lugonjas artwork, as well an inspiration site for architects, interior designers, private homeowners and even businesses who are interested in a collaboration with Branka.

On this website, you can read about Brankas story, her art and how she works.

Moreover, you can visit the portfolio page, which displays both Brankas artwork, art projects made in collaboration, as well as detailed photos of what kind of effects she creates in glass. On the left side of the screen under the “portfolio” page, you can click on ”FILTER” to filter and explore.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We are always open to new ideas, projects and what else might be on your mind.

Check out Brankas page on Houzz and Facebook

Moreover, you can see a digital portfolio here:


The EU has participated in the financing of a Branka Lugonja Art Design project. Read more about ELFUL here



Den Europæiske Landbrugsfond for Udvikling af Landdistrikterne: Danmark og Europa investerer i landdistrikterne.