Branka works in two ways. Firstly, she creates art which comes from a source of individual inspiration and is to be bought in the form as it is created. Secondly, she loves the challenges that come up and the creative process of collaboration. Thus she has evolved to also work project-based with architects, interior designers, homeowners, and business owners to create art in collaboration.

The way Branka collaborates is by listening to the ideas, wishes, and needs of the client (or interior designer/architect). The client can collaborate in terms of deciding the overall theme by choosing colors, form, size, and symbolism. Branka then reflects and proposes different ideas and begins the creative process of creating her art, when a client falls in love with one of the ideas.

The portfolio page on this website is filled with abstract photos of what we call “effects”. Branka can forth bring endless effects in glass by combining temperature, colors, chemicals, metals and other materials with glass, and then exposing the glass to the light. Even though the portfolio page only displays a fragment of what is possible, it is there to inspire you to see opportunities.

Branka has ovens that are 1,7 x 2,7 meters, meaning she can create one single piece of glass that is that big. Moreover, the pieces can be put together to become one big installation if wished. There is, therefore, no size limitation really either.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact!