Branka Lugonja


Glass artist Branka Lugonja has worked with glass for the past 22 years and she has found endless opportunities within this material. Branka works with cold-glass-technique, which is also known as oven formed. This work technique is more than a thousand years old and is said to stem from Egypt. Every piece of glass has a unique expression.


“When you look at Branka Lugonjas art, you really see how many possibilities lies within this mystical material and it is up for endless observation. You can ask yourself a lot of questions, and you will not necessarily get any answers. It is intruiging that all these experssions which Branka creates are made with this fragile and yet strong material – glass! Her artworks leaves the watcher with interpretation opportunities that go in every direction – which art, in my opinion, should do! A real Branka motive; There are no suggestions nor good advice – only the opportunity to go deep and reflect” – Finn Bygballe


Brankas story

Branka Lugonja was born in 1968 in the former Yugoslavia. She came to Denmark in 1993 as a refugee, fleeing from the war in Yugoslavia. Branka and her husband, Sole, lived in refugee camps the first three years in Denmark, before they moved to their first home in Jutland, Denmark. Branka began unfolding her creative visions in 1996 as she began working and experimenting with the material glass. After a while, she decided to quit her job to dedicate herself completely to her work with glass and she opened a showroom and workshop at their first home property. Not much time pasted before galleries and boutiques all over Scandinavia noticed Branka’s work and started to exhibit her art.  Today, Branka and Sole own a large property on the west coast of Zealand where Branka has a workspace, as well as a gallery where both the artworks of Branka herself and other artists are exhibited. Visitors come by the gallery every day to experience Branka, her art and spectacular workspace. Branka continues to challenge herself everyday as she plays with shapes, colors, diverse materials and keeps on developing new ideas, methods, functionality and visions for what glass art can do. In 2010 Branka was visited by The Royal Highness, Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Besides the Queen herself being creative in Branka’s workspace, the Queen received a present, created by Branka, from the Municipality of Slagelse.


Branka – the artist

Branka Lugonja is a glass painter creating glass/light installations. She works with an oven-formed technique. Branka paints and decorates the glass with paint, metal & oxides. When these elements are melted up to 900 degrees Celsius in-between two layers of glass, chemistry happens. Colors can turn into other colors; they can fade; turn black; make unwanted big and weak air bubbles; crack the glass, and act in many spontaneous ways. One of Branka’s most important and unique strengths lies in more than 23 years of experimenting and learning, as she has mastered to control the outcome of the expression of the glass in a very complex and refined process. She can forth bring strong colors, control air bubbles, and make metal oxide in the way she wishes in order to express her inner world upon the glass. Her artworks abstractly portray both what can be seen under a microscope as well as what can be seen in outer space. Branka’s artistic vision is to create a dialogue that connects human beings in the context of what she refers to as the micro and macro worlds of our reality.

Branka also specializes in the production of exclusive and unique glass installations. She is a go-to artist for architects and interior designers when it comes to satisfying the ‘eccentric’ client, who wants to separate from their peers. No project is too big nor too small and she finds great pleasure in working interdisciplinary with architects and interior designers.